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About AFGIC, BC Chapter

Alliance for GERD in Canada (AFGIC) is a non-profit association that was formed to provide information on the GERD project, and support developmental needs in Ethiopia. It was established in 2020 by a group of Canadians of Ethiopian descent and friends of Ethiopia to advocate and stand in solidarity with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) hydropower project which is solely financed by the people and government of Ethiopia.

The GERD project provides much needed energy that is key for satisfying basic human needs of the Ethiopian people such as access to light and clean drinking water to households, access to education and health care, access to information and energy requirements to industries.

The purpose of the AFGIC professional group is to create clarity and understanding on issues surrounding the GERD and solicit support for the GERD from the International Community in general and the government and people of Canada in particular for the national and regional stability in East Africa.

About GERD

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project Support Team — BC Chapter — is run by non-paid volunteers to support the people of Ethiopia get electric power.

As of May 2021, almost 70 million Ethiopians (out of 112 million of the population) do not have electriciy. This means, twice the population of Canada do not currently have electricity in Ethiopia.

About GERD Project

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) — initially known as “The Millennium Dam”, and sometimes referred to as “Hidasse Dam” (“Hidasse”, Amharic for Renaissance) — was officially launched in 2011.

This new gravity dam, which is currently under construction on the Abbai River, will generate 5,150 MW of electric power, and is estimated to cost about $5 Billion USD; and will be fully funded by the Ethiopian government and its people.

The dam project is located in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Western Ethiopia, just 40 km (25 mi) from the Sudan border, and is expected to start generating small amounts of power in 2021 and to be fully operational in December 2023.

When completed, the dam, with a reservoir capacity of 74 Billion cubic meters, will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa, and in the top 10 largest dams in the world.

What can YOU do to get involved and transform Ethiopia? It is very simple … in addition to supporting the GERD project, you can:
  • Become Ethiopia’s goodwill ambassador and promote Ethiopia in your daily life
  • Boost Ethiopia’s foreign currency reserve by sending your remittances legally
  • Open foreign savings account in Ethiopia and get a better rate of interest.
  • Write positive articles on GERD and Ethiopia in general and publish online.
  • Invest in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, ICT, construction & consultancy in Ethiopia.

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